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Do you know how Suvo and Soil are connected?

Suvo came into being with a very simple notion: spreading the purity of nature by making available to more and more people, products that are nutrient-rich, organic and sustainably produced.

Producing organic products implies that the products are produced without use of toxic, persistent pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilisers, but rather organically using age old agriculture techniques, adhering to principles of traditional knowledge and utilising modern best practices. 

Organic agriculture can only be achieved if we keep our soil healthy which in turn, nurtures the plants in the best possible organic way and enables the absorption of healthy nutrients.

Did you Know?

52% of agricultural soil is already degraded

Around 2 billion people suffer from nutritional deficiencies leading to a multitude of diseases.


What happens if we don't do anything?

If this rate of soil degradation continues, it will lead to a major crisis in only a couple of decades. These crises could manifest as:

1. Food Security crisis (Source)

Millions of people are facing the worst hunger crisis that the world has seen in decades. Forty-five million people are close to starvation right now - facing famine or famine-like conditions - with children and women hit the hardest.

Covid19 pandemic is partially to blame for aggravating which was already a bad situation.

This has been the result of excessive agriculture and excessive use of chemicals, without giving time for soil to revive itself. Poor soil is leading to low farm yields all over the world and nutritional deficiency of the produce. If one was eating 1 portion in 1920, you will have to eat 8 portions to achieve same nutrional value in 2020. So we are eating more for lesser benefits and along with the population increase and soil deterioration, we are looking at global food security crisis of immense proportions if we don’t take remedial steps today.

2. Water Scarcity (Source)

Depleted soils can't absorb and effectively regulate water flows. Right now more than 2 billion people are water stressed and by 2032 it is believed that 3.5 billion people will not have access to enough drinking water. Today more than 60 percent of palatable water is being used for irrigation. If we can increase organic content of the soil, irrigation requirement can be brought down to 30% of current usauge. Imagine the amount of water we can save and repurpose it for drinking and other essential needs.

3. Loss of biodiversity (Source)

Life forms are becoming extinct in huge numbers every year due to the loss of habitat, climate change, soil degradation and use of persistent chemicals & pesticides. Healthy soil means green cover which in turn invites more rainfall. Soil itself is repository of millions of microbes and microorganisms. We need to increase the organic matter in the soil to safeguard the microbial life which is crucial for our own survival.

4. Climate change (Source)

Soil absorbs more CO2 than Oceans. If world soil is not revitalized, it could release 850 billion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere adversely contributing to an already alarming rate of climate change. Healthy soil cover can even reverse global climate warming in just a few years by capturing more CO2 from the atmosphere.

5. Loss of livelihood

Thousands of farmers are committing suicide because of poverty caused due to continuous drop in the farm produce. As the soil loses its vitality, the yields become lower and lower. We have a duty to make farming financially viable so we always have food on our plates. Organically rich soil and other changes in the way farming is done like agroforestry and micro-irrigation can make farming a lucrative profession.


So the question arises here is :

How Do we keep our soil healthy?

We as a consumer, as a society, as an individual, we are responsible for keeping our mother nature as organic and healthy as we can.

52% of the soil is already degraded but we still have 48% left and if we take responsibility, we can definitely turn the table so let's learn how to take better care of what has been bestowed upon us through billions of years of evolution.

  1. SOS : Save our soil
  2. Sustainable Soil Management

Harmonising global farming practices with natural carbon cycles not only neutralise human carbon emissions but it would also revitalise and restore the fertility of our soils in the process.

Our soil provides a key ecosystem which enables life on earth. Agriculture is extremely important for fulfilling our food requirements but it also leads to a high amount of soil degradation, especially in the way it is being carried on, as of now. In order to reduce that, we can ensure more sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that progressively improve soil quality.


What is Suvo doing?

Suvo has joined hands to support #SaveSoil initiative by @consciousPlanet and @Sadhguru to address soil crisis and stand up for soil health.

Save soil is a global movement launched by Sadhguru, to address the soil crisis by bringing together people from around the world to stand up for soil health and supporting leaders of all nations to institute national policies and actions toward increasing the organic content in cultivable soil.

The Soil Movement by Sadhguru

Everything we are, we owe it to nature, the air, the water and the mother earth!

Let's #makeithappen

Join hands with Sadhguru, a journey to save soil. #SaveSoil #Stand for soil.

Visit or to know more about the Save Soil campaign, the greatest threat to human existence, the looming crisis, what can be done to reverse the trend & revive the soil and how you can join in and contribute.

Let us come together to save soil and save humanity! Become a #Earthbuddy today!




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