How to boost your immunity Naturally?

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With the onset of the biggest pandemic of our times a lot has been written and said about immunity boosting vitamins, foods and beverages. But do they really help?! Or are these cleverly crafted marketing gimmicks to make us delusional and burn our pockets.

As per Ayurveda, our body Immunity is directly related to the kind of food we consume, the time that we eat these foods and our lifestyle.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, pure honey and ghee, turmeric, amla are few natural super foods which boost the inner body strength. Organically grown, freshly cooked food when prepared with simple cooking style and infused with traditional spices gets digested easily and supplement the energy requirements of the body for its kinetic functions. A part of this energy produced is also stored in the body as potential energy to be used to fight the external unwanted enemies like virus, bacteria or other disease causing agents.

The second major factor is the time that you eat these superfoods.

Our digestive system is governed by solar energy.There is a direct correlation between sunlight and the digestive fire in our body. With sunrise the pancreas starts producing certain juices and enzymes that are essential for digestion.We should eat our biggest meal at mid-day, when the Sun is hottest and our digestive fire, the strongest.

With Sun going down, our digestive organs too start going into sleep mode. It is recommended to eat lighter meals after the sun sets. It is proven in research that the people who skip breakfast and consume heavy dinners post sunset regularly are 27% more vulnerable to diseases and have low immunity.

The lockdown has effected our lifestyle more than our bleeding economy. People have started staying awake at nights (binge watching Netflix and Amazon Prime series) and sleeping late till afternoon. The night binge and no breakfast routine is depleting the potential energy or immunity of the body which needs to be preserved.

Our body has a natural and very efficient defence mechanism. The natural supplements help but it is on us to maintain the upkeep by living a healthy and natural life.


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