Importance of Ghee in our lives

in Suvo Prana

In India, ghee was always considered as sacred. It was generously poured over all our delicacies and was auspicious to be used in havans and to make bhog (for offerings) to please the Gods.

Due to the aggressive marketing of the Food Industry to promote their refined oils, ghee was labelled as fattening and unhealthy. We believed them and threw the golden nectar out of our bodies and our lives.

Now numerous studies have established Ghee as the healthiest fat and super food and it's trending even in the West. Some of its best properties are:

  1. Cuts stubborn Fat
  2. Reduces Glycemic index
  3. Helps digestion and assimilates nutrients
  4. Reduces bad Cholesterol
  5. Lubricates Joints
  6. Boosts energy
  7. Balances Hormones
  8. Nourishes skin
  9. It is a brain tonic

The next question is which Ghee is the best. With our busy metropolitan lives, ghee is not made at home anymore. We rely on the brands available in the market. To fulfil the ever expanding demands, the mega companies use automated machines to churn out hundreds of kilogram of ghee in few minutes. But ghee made this way does not have the qualities mentioned above.

Ayurveda mentions pure ghee provides humans the Ojas or abundant energy. This source of energy adds health, longevity and beauty to our lives.The traditional, Vedic and natural process of deriving the ghee from Desi cow's milk is the best way to extract the purest ghee. 

Indian cows, kept in the best atmosphere at the gowshalas and fed natural green fodder produce milk of highest quality.

The A2 milk derived is curdled in clay pots to ensure the best results.
The curd formed is then churned using the ancient Bilona method using a wooden bilona to ensure the therapeutic qualities of the wood enters the ghee. The clockwise and anti clockwise churning enhances the medicinal properties of the ghee.

Once the butter separates from the buttermilk, it is simmered in earthern pots on slow heat generated from cow dung cakes, which evenly heats the pots at slow temperature to ensure best results. The golden nectar obtained is packed in glass bottles carefully to avoid any contamination.

The organic ghee prepared with such extensive procedure could be a little heavier on the pocket, but as our ancient scriptures say

"Yatha jeevat, sukham jeevat,
Runam krutva,ghritam pibet"

As long as you live, live happily, and even if you have to take a loan, ensure you drink the best ghee.


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